👋 Hi I'm Kim and I will be your trainer on this workshop that will take you from video beginner, to a creator, able to shoot and edit quality videos... with just your phone!

🎥 Here is a little hint of what to expect...(although I can't promise we'll run off into the sunset together.) 



💪 There are just a couple of quick things for you to do to prepare for the workshop...



🔋 Bring your iPhones fully charged and don't forget your chargers (filming takes a lot of juice!)

🗑 Make sure you spend some time deleting your unwanted videos and photos so that you have room on your phone for new footage.

🎬 If on iPhone, download the iMovie app to your phones. 

📲 If on Android, download the Adobe Premier Clip app, and create an adobe account to use the app. 

🛠 If you already have any extra filming equipment or accessories feel free to bring them along. Or want to get a few bits of kit to really give you more options with your filming, I have created this handy basic kit gear guide including the best budget kit to save you money and quick links to buy, saving you hours sifting through the millions of options out there.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon!