Who Is It For?

  • Outdoor or tourism professionals who wish to add video content to their skillset.

  • Those with a love of the outdoors and an interest in capturing quality videos of your adventures with simple methods and minimal equipment.

  • Anyone who travels a lot and want’s to capture their adventures on film.

This course is designed for complete beginners, and those who have intermediate photography/videography experience but wish to learn on smartphones specifically.

The adventure will be physical and based in the wild but you will only need a low/moderate level of fitness for hiking and canoeing.



What’s The Plan?

DAY 1: Meet at our starting point, Glasgow Airport, transport to a highland pub for lunch, getting to know each other and course/adventure briefing . Get acquainted with our Canadian canoes before paddling to our own island and setting up base camp. Have dinner and our 1st session of the course around the campfire... Storytelling.

DAY 2: Breakfast and coffee on the go as we set out on our canoes in the dark onto the Loch to watch and capture sunrise for our 2nd session… Mastering Slo-Mo. Explore neighbouring islands then head back to base camp for lunch and 3rd learning session… Framing and Movement . Make our way to the shore and climb a nearby peak to capture sunset over the highlands and our 4th session… Mastering Time-Lapses. Back to base camp for dinner round the fire and to review the days footage projected onto the side of our tents.

DAY 3: Hearty breakfast round the fire and final session of the course… Editing your Film. Relax on our own island while editing your film in the palm of you hands. Head back to shore and finish with a highland roast and a few whiskeys while watching our films on the big screen.

This is an adventure and it’s Scotland! So this is a rough plan that will vary depending on weather and conditions to make sure we get the best shots and memorable moments.



Shoot footage like this with just your phone…

What Will You Learn?

  • How to shoot epic cinematic footage with only your phone

  • How to structure a story that forms the basis of a memorable film

  • How to frame the perfect shot and introduce movement into your shots

  • How to master time-lapse and slo-motion footage on your phone

  • How to shoot in the outdoors and in challenging conditions

  • How to use nature and the time of day to get stunning shots

  • How to create your own minimal lightweight adventure filming kit

  • How to edit your film on the go with just your phone


Everything Included:


The Course:

  • Pre-trip Smartphone video training so you can maximise filming time in the wild.

  • Use of Lightweight Smartphone filming kit for the duration of the course (Grip, Tripods, Microphones ect.)

  • Personalised adventure filming kit recommendations

  • Reference PDF of course skills and guides

  • A finished adventure film you are proud to share with the world by the end of the course

  • The opportunity for your final film to be shown on the big screen at Adventure Uncovered Film Festival 2020.

  • Skills to capture your adventures for life


The Adventure:

  • Transport from/to Glasgow Airport

  • Camping permits and use of private uninhabited island

  • Bell tents (shared) with wood-burning stoves and airbeds

  • Canadian Canoes, life jacket and paddles

  • Canoe instructor

  • Wilderness guide

  • Camp cook

  • All meals (hearty local foods) during camp period


Not Included:

  • Flights / Travel to our starting point (Glasgow Airport)

  • Advanced filming accessories (Optional. Recommendations provided.)

  • Personal clothing and sleeping bag (list provided)

  • Alcohol and pub meal after the course

Course and Camp Investment: £749pp



Meet Your Instructor…

Kim Slade - Founder, Adventurer International Smartphone Filmmaker.

My love for adventure and the outdoors is what got me into filming on my phone in the first place…


After shooting my first ever film on a phone in the wild and editing it on the flight home I was hooked. The fact I didn’t have to lug lots of gear in my pack meant that I could tell stories of my adventures and get creative without the hassle.


After shooting that first film with nothing but an old iPhone and being selected by Apple to give a talk on how I made it, I thought… this could be a thing. So I decided I would set out to master smartphone videography.

In the years since then I have been flown all around the world to shoot on my phone. With Touch Video Academy I have taught 100’s of people from organisation like The National Trust and travel companies like Responsible Travel, how to maximise the power in their pockets and create quality videos on the go.

I am super excited to be getting back to where I started, in the wild. I can’t wait to teach people everything I know about making films in an ultralight, fun and simple way.


Kim’s first ever smartphone adventure film. Filmed and edited on a an iPhone 5, selected by the Apple Store.

Shot and edited by Kim on a remote Scottish island with nothing but an iPhone 7.