My love for adventure and the outdoors is what got me into filming on my phone in the first place…

After I returned from my first adventure with an iPhone I was totally gutted. It was a hiking and wild camping trip in the southern French Alps on the border with Italy home to some of the most beautiful landscapes i’d ever seen. I was super excited to have this tech in my pocket, the new iPhone 4 (nearly 10years ago!). I’d always fancied the idea of creating videos on my adventures but the thought of all that extra cost and weight in my pack put me off. Not any more.

I was thought it was going to be amazing, the ability to create a film of my memories to share with the world on something so light had me excited. I got creative on the trip and shot away but when I got home I was gutted. The footage was shaky, boring, and worst of all… I’d filmed the some most amazing landscapes I’d ever seen…all in portrait!

When I went back to the Alps a couple of years later I had another crack at it (this time in landscape)

The far from perfect little short film I shot and edited on my phone was selected by the Apple Store and I went in to give them a workshop on how to get more creative while shooting on a phone. That was really the start of Touch Video Academy.

Now after many more years of mobile filming mistakes and triumphs I’m going back into the wild to put an adventure spin on my mobile video course that has since taught 100’s of people how to maximise the potential of video on their phones.

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